Distinguished investors from all trades at home and abroad, Dear friends:

If you are seeking for investment opportunities in South China, please follow us to take a look at the flourishing land to whose development we have been devoting our energy with profound love. It will likely become the most striking national industrial park on the western shore of the Pearl River in the next decade.

With its close proximity to Shenzhen, Macau and Hongkong, easy transport access, highly efficient government, well-established supporting industries, and comfortable living environment, Zhongshan City has attracted dozens of Fortune 500 companies to invest locally. Situated in the economically most active eastern part of Zhongshan, the newly planned Zhongshan Sino-Swiss (European) Industrial Park is a special area designed for inbound investments from Switzerland and other European countries.

We at Zhongshan Sino-Swiss (European) Industrial Park attach much importance to the growth and development of small and medium-sized technology-oriented enterprises. Our government earmarks an annual amount of RMB 380 million of the overall budget as a special technological and industrial support fund, covering such areas as scientific and technological research and development, technology transfer, finance, expatriate employees' residence, and their children's schooling. Our business service team has more than 20 years experiences of helping foreign businesses succeed in investing in Zhongshan. We are ready and willing to know what European companies need so as to facilities their concrete presence and growth in China.

Hopefully we can join hands to strive for common development and bright future.

Your Zhongshan City Economic and Trade Office in Europe