AI & Industry 4.0 in China

The opportunity between Switzerland and China



Wednesday, Nov. 29th 2017

Zunfthaus zur Saffran

Limattquai 54, Zurich


People don't have to look very hard to find gloomy predictions about the effect artificial intelligence (AI) and industry 4.0 is going to have on the working world. Whether or not you should worry about AI and industry 4.0 taking your job is still an open question, but this revolutionary impact on many sectors -  including manufacturing, finance and service - should be uncontroversial.


We now understands the power of AI and industry 4.0 better than any other time.


In a keynote at the Zhongshan Overseas Forum II, the directors from Zhongshan City and our invited experts will take the audience on a deep dive into automation and artificial intelligence, emphasising the challenges and opportunities for cooperation projects between Switzerland and China.


As forum participants, you will have opportunity to speak with our forum speakers about artificial intelligence, industry 4.0 and the future of manufacturing, finance and service.


Welcome to the Forum! Let us together take a look at developments around artificial intelligence and industry 4.0!






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Zhongshan City with the AI and Industry 4.0 application in local economic development
Mr. Weiqiang LIN, Director General, Zhongshan Bureau of Commerce



AI and Industry 4.0 development & application in Switzerland and worldwide Forecast
Mr. Mattias Leybold, PwC, Head of Digital Service


17:40 AI and Industry 4.0 development & application in China
Dr. Guian QIAN, PSI Senior Researcher, Super Computing and Big Data Analysis Expert

How AI and Industry 4.0 support big retail business in China reached new phase
Mr. Guangzhen LIN, President of Yihua Holding Group


Panel discussion
How can Switzerland and China work together at AI and Industry 4.0


Apéro Riche, CH+CN

20:00 Closing



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