SSPIC now has a building area of 25000 qm, and providing office areas and other necessary conditions for the incubating and developing periods of the innovation type SMEs from Switzerland, Europe and USA.

  • Sino-Swiss (European) Technology Center (SSETC)
    In March 2016, SSECT is established in the presence of Swissnex. It is a platform for Swiss (European&American) technologies and products showcase and advanced technological SMEs incubation, communication and cooperation. First stage of SSETC is about 2000 qm, including an exhibition hall for SSIP's European and technologies and products, incubator for European, American start-ups, and office space.
  • International IC Center for Healthcare Applications (ICCHA)
    ICCHA supported by Zhongshan Tsuihang New District Administrative Committee and Network Information Committee of China Information Industry Association, was co-founded by ICBright Technologies, Ltd. and National Healthcare Technology Park as well experts from Peking University. Guangdong University of Technologies, Southern Medical University and European Institutes, to build a platform of research and development. The initial co-operative study is about research institution, including IC design, packaging and testing, product applications, professional training and international exchanges.
  • Western Returned Scholars Association-Returnee Serving Country Guangdong Zhongshan Foundation (WRSA) and Zhongshan Returnee Campus
    In 2016, Tsuihang New District and Western Returned Scholars Association cofounded Returnee Serving Country Guangdong Zhongshan Foundation and Guangdong Zhongshan Returnees Campus to bring in high-caliber returned overseas talents and teams. Large-scale investment promotion activities and oversea innovation and start-up match-making fairs will be held at least twice a year, providing stages and opportunities for returned overseas talents.
  • Zhongshan Overseas Students Pioneer Park of China (Tsuihang)
    Zhongshan Overseas Students Pioneer Park of China was founded in 2007 and opened a branch in Tsuihang New District in 2016. It is dedicated to providing overseas students with a first-class entrepreneurial environment, preferential policy and a broad range of entrepreneurial services so as to incubate internationally competitive high-tech-enterprises.
  • Guangdong, Hongkong, Macau and Taiwan Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base
    Established in early 2017, it is an "innovation and entrepreneurship platform for youth from Guangdong and Macau" during the implementation of Guangdong-Macau Comprehensive Cooperation Demonstration Area. Also An "innovation and entrepreneurship platform for young people of Taiwan" in the cross-strait exchange base and a high-end platform promoting the cooperative development of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, attracts the youth from the above four region across the straight to gather in Zhongshan, achieves innovation and entrepreneurship and forms a cultural creative industrial Park.