• Zhongshan Talent Recruitment Office Boston Station (Eastern Coast Joint Tech Incubator)
    To promote the investment and talent exchange and cooperation between Zhongshan and east coast of the United States, locally cultivate and help high-tech innovative and entrepreneurial projects ti develop in Zhongshan and Cuiheng New Area.
  • Silikon Valley Office of Zhongshan Tsing Capital Venture Fund
    Tsuihang New District has cooperated with the Silicon Valley Office and team of Tsing Capital, a well-known venture capital institution of China and a member of WRSA Alliance of Capital Venture for Overseas Returnee. And a US dollars fund to explore high-quality projects in Silicon Valley, which conducts financing for the project by means of equity investment and helps the project to develop in Zhongshan and Tsuihang New District.
  • Zhongshan City Economic and Trade Office in Europe
    At the end of 2015, Zhongshan set its first trade representative office in Europe in Zurich, Switzerland to formally build to the bridge for investment, trade and talent cooperation directly connected to Switzerland (Europe).