Central Park

The Start-up area of Tsuihang New District is located in Ma'an Island, with a total planned area of 10,500 mu, focus on developing in the "4+1" industries.

SSIP Precision Manufacturing Demonstration Area
The planned area is 2,600 mu. The SSIP Precision Manufacturing Demonstration Area occupies 40 mu land area. Three European style plants and office buildings, covering 65,000 qm floor area, will be ready in 2019. So far, the first 9,500 qm plant has been delivered to SSM.

SSIP Healthcare and Medicine Demonstration Zone
SSIP Healthcare area is 4,000 mu. In the SSIP Healthcare and Medicine Demonstration Zone, a 98 mu GMP plant's construct will be finished at the end of July 2017. The Medical Devices Industrial Park, covering land of 246 mu, has been introduced 7 projects: Wicken Medical Apparatus, Zhongshan Hong's, Guangdong Better Life, Hanweisi, Kanada Phamaceuticals, Guangdong Loposome Biomedical Equipment & Technology and Guangdong Ruiguangtal.


Co-building Park

The co-construction area of Sino-Swiss Industrial Park consists of Zhongshan National Health Base and other cooperative area with Switzerland (Europe) citywide.



Swiss Chinese Chamber of Commerce (SWISSCHAM). In November 2015, Sino-Swiss Industrial Park became a national member of SwissCham China to jointly serve the investment and operation for Swiss enterprises in China.

SWISSNEX. In March 2016, Sino-Swiss Industrial Park and Swissnex signed a contract on cooperative operation of Sino-Swiss (European) Technical Center and reached an agreement on cooperation for arranging and operating China Hardware Innovation Campus activity.


Besides, we cooperate with organisation, including WRSA Alliance of Capital Venture for Overseas Returnsee, Tsing Capital, Fuho Capital, innovation Angle Fund, China Science & Merchante Investment Management Group Co., Ltd., Zhongshan Financial Capital Controls Holding Co., Ltd., OSMUNDA Group, Advance Law Firm, Xiangshan Low Firm, Macau Zhongshan Junior Chamber of Commerce and Association of Returned Entrepreneurs from Abroad (AREA) etc., to make full use of resources from all channels and, thus, to create a favourable entrepreneurial environment for enterprises  in the park.